Quicker & better clinical decisions, in real time, during consultation.

PatientLeaf dramatically reduces the time it takes you to make a decision about your patient's care. It does this by instantly “leafing” through the historical data in your patient's medical record... and showing you the key information you need to manage that patient better - even if you've never met them before.

The software trawls through your patient’s medical history in real time, whilst they are sat in front of you. The display sits on top of EMIS and augments information in EMIS.

We all know that no patient is the same and more often than not patients have a complexity of issues. PatientLeaf will instantly highlight to you past issues that will enable you to quickly make the right decision going forward.

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  • Hypertension

  • CHD

  • Diabetes

  • Stroke

  • Asthma

  • CKD

  • COPD

  • Obesity

We join the dots between cause & effect.

See the effect of medication on that patient’s condition, what the medication was and instant feedback on compliance.


Currently PatientLeaf consists of information about hypertensive patients which accounts for over 10% of a typical practice population. The software springs to life if your current patient is on the register.

This introductory module is perfect for running BP clinics and even if you don’t have such clinics will data mine a patient’s medical record for BP data when such a patient is present.

You’ll be able to view date specific entries in their medical history and all the important coded data in relation to the aspect e.g. last Echo result.

PatientLeaf will soon leaf through many other disease areas (available to buy at additional cost),  taking into account other conditions the patient has. It will highlight to you each of those that apply to that present patient and you will be able to see the pertinent data instantly in each condition. A carousel will help you navigate through each one.

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How Do I Get PatientLeaf?

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PatientLeaf - Hypertension Module
5p Per Patient

Minimum of £400 per practice. All prices are exclusive of VAT and are charged yearly.

  • Unlimited users per practice
  • Installation
  • Support
  • Training
  • Discounts available for multiple practices

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Fill out our free trial form and we will send you a link to install PatientLeaf with a 2 week licence key.Straight forward instructions will be included and you will be eligible for full, dedicated support from us during your trial period.

PatientLeaf - Hypertension Module
2 Week Licence Key
  • Unlimited users per practice
  • Installation
  • Support
  • Training
  • Discounts available for multiple practices

PatientLeaf is another EMIS accredited product by GPSS, one of the founding partners of the EMIS Partner Programme and who for 12 years has successfully been providing medical software to EMIS practices in England. View Founder Bios

Our very essence is clinical input combined with cutting edge software design.

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“ As a primary care clinician my time is precious and I felt under constant pressure to make the best decisions for my patients in the shortest time possible. Those demands are not going away so I designed PatientLeaf to give me breathing space and to make better decisions about my patients’ care. It has made a big difference in how my clinics run. GPs, nurses and HCAs will all benefit from PatientLeaf because you get better clinical information and more quickly.”

Dr Raza Toosy - Co-founder


Who is PatientLeaf aimed at?

Every clinician directly responsible for the care of their patient at the point of consultation in the surgery.

How many copies can my surgery have?

You have a site-wide licence which means that once you have purchased PatientLeaf any of the clinicians in your practice can have PatientLeaf installed on their PC.

What other modules are planned?

We are currently working on adding numerous modules, covering major conditions including asthma, diabetes, heart disease, CKD etc.

Where does the data come from?

PatientLeaf is an application that views EMIS’ current patient information on your screen. It presents a patient’s medical record in a more succinct way and no data leaves the surgery.

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Dr. Raza Toosy

Dr. Raza Toosy

Raza is a current partner of a GP practice in Wallington, Surrey. He has had a passion for IT for all of his life and obtained an MScIT in Kingston University with Distinction in 2008 whilst still working as a GP. With his knowledge of both medicine and information technology his focus and vision is to create a line of business applications for GP surgeries and has been actively involved in the development of PatientChase and now PatientLeaf since 2005 using the .Net Framework. He's always wanted to improve the way clinicians access and view data to make their lives easier.

Dr. Raza Toosy

Richard Chmielowski

With qualifications in business and marketing and having previously held managerial roles in both primary and secondary care, Richard Chmielowski is co-founder of GPSS. Passionate about helping primary care staff manage their patients in the best way possible, Richard is involved in many of the customer facing aspects of delivering IT solutions.